I'm 39 years old and haven been married 16 years as of July 4th, 2014. My husband, Aaron, proposed on Christmas Eve. We have a 8 year old daughter, Emma. We a currently in our 3rd home and now live 10 miles from work (we both work at a Fortune 100 company in the Chemical industry). We love to travel our weekend beach house or via plane to go on Caribbean cruises (my daughter and I took her 8th cruise in November 2013. My husband and I both lost weight in 2009-2010 (a combined total of 175 pounds). We've each gained some back, but I'm still down 20 of my original 60 pounds - trying to behave to get it back off! Reading my kindle keeps my hands busy so when I have down time I do not find myself looking for something to eat! If I am not traveling or reading, I like to scrapbook, go to our county fairs (as my husband and I used to raise Pygmy goats), or go to the movies. What do I love to read? All things contemporary romance ... It can be Erotica, Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal, Military, as long as there is romance I will read it! I have over 700 unread books on my kindle and usually read 2-3 a week depending on length. Thank goodness for Goodreads so I can keep them organized!!
My Favorite Authors.....
April Angel
Brandy Rivers
Danae Ayusso
Jennifer Foor
Jennifer Lyon
Kathleen Brooks
Lauren Blakely
Lia Davis
Liliana Hart
Marie Coulson
Milly Taiden
Nina D'Angelo
Ranae Rose
Ryan Winfield
Tiffinie Helmer
Vicki Green


  1. Dear miss theresa
    my name is margot from belgium and since you really know a lot of books, i was wondering if you would be able to help me in my search after 2 novels?
    Greatings from your newest fan

    1. I can try and help, what do you know about the books you are searching for?

  2. the first one is about a girl/woman who is in love with her womanizing friend and after a wild night they sleep together. the next morning he doesn't remember anything and she becomes pregnant but how will she explain this to him when he doesn't remember (it's a bit like 'seducing simon' but the guy is called archer or aaron or something like that)

    the second one is about a college girl who takes her roommate home with her for thanksgiving. when the oldest of her four brothers meets her he falls in love with her and claims her as his mate since he is a shapeshifter (it might be possible that the four brothers claim her and the story is a bit like 'sasha's lion' except the story that i am looking for is about a college girl istead of a highschool girl)

    1. Hi Margo ... I posted this question to our page... you can comment/like share from here: